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How does it works?

This demo presents the different adaptations implemented in the ALSO project.   It gathers all adaptations of form that can be activated in the project during the different learning activities. The objective of the ALSO project is to offer children the form best suited to their needs.

Launch demo

Adaptations list

We have grouped below the adaptations implemented to date

- Adapt text size
- Adapt space between letters
- Adapt space between words
- Adapt space between lines
- Changing text colour
- Colorizing punctuation
- Colorizing capital letters
- Colorizing lines (line 1 - line 2 - line 3)
- Colorizing all silent letters
- Colorizing syllables
- Colorizing complex graphemes
- Changing font
- Changing text in capital letters

- Activiting text scroll - automatic with voice over
- Activiting manual text scroll
- Activating automatic highlight of word being read
- Activating automatic or manuel highlight of words

- Activating semantic pictures
- Reduce visual distractions (Fade out background)
- Change colours (on screen, and for all adaptations with colours)
- Show content in Black and White
- Realign objects
- Fade in objects one by one (to introduce them)
- Activate Spotlight
- Activate masks

- Activating voice correpondances
- Modifying choice of voice
- Reducing or canceling all distracting noise (sound environment)

- Two step validation (selection then validation)

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